Torkington Contacts

Nathan Torkington <nathan AT>
Computer programmer, author of The Perl Cookbook published by O'Reilly and Associates, banjo player. (home page)
Jenine Abarbanel <jenine AT>
Graduate student in aerospace civil engineering, building inflatable structures for the Moon and Mars. (homepage)
Barry Torkington <barry AT>
Fisherman, aquaculturist, specialising in live fish transport and marine wastewater treatment.
Bree Torkington <bree AT>
Graphic designer.
Alvin Smith <alvin AT>
Programmer, genealogist, historian.
Jeff Torkington <jeff AT>
Computer programmer, entrepreneur, founder of Auckland Software, Inc.
Sue Torkington <sue.torkington AT>
Mother of four Torkingtons: Shannon, Roxanne, Melanie, and Ryan.
Phil Torkington <torkingtonfamily AT>
Apparently there was a Nadine Torkington who worked in Canada for a while. Unfortunately, I don't have contact information for her, nor do I know how she fits into the family tree (it's entirely likely she's from a very different branch of the Torkington family).

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop Nat <nathan AT> a line.

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