Family Accounts

This is a collection of interviews, recollections, anecdotes, and other accounts of family history and life.

Trudy Astwood's Interviews

These interviews, with Ted and Dorothy Torkington, were conducted by Trudy Astwood on May 17, 1998. Nathan Torkington transcribed them.

Dorothy Torkington
Childhood, growing up in Raetihi, The Depression, teaching.

Ted Torkington
Childhood, growing up on Ti Point, school, army, fishing, farming.

Alvin Smith

This "interview" is really notes, taken from a talk with Alvin Smith in February of 1998.

Alvin Smith
Ti Point life, Alvin's grandfather, cousins.


After visiting the family in 1998, I realized the importance of writing down stories.
February, 1998
Ti Point life, the Maori and the fish, abundance of fish in the harbour.
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