Cyrus, Annie, and Sandy? Matheson

(Nat) From Val's collection. v120.

Cyrus, Annie, and Sandy? Matheson. C1905. Good photo.

Cyrus Matheson, Will Haskell

(Nat) From Val's collection. v131.

Cyrus Matheson and Will Haskell, both killed in France in WW1. C1916.

(Reverse of print) Cyrus Matheson and Will Haskell, cousins. Both killed in France in 1914-18 war.

Mathesons Bay

(Nat) From Val's collection. v144.

Mathesons Bay, photographer Vic Smith. C1950.

Charles Septimus Clarke's home, and various Clarkes

(Nat) From Val's collection. v147.

Charles Septimus Clarke home, and various Clarkes. C1880. Valuable!

(Reverse of print) The home of Charles S. Clarke showing L. to R. John, Minnie (Mrs J. Torkington), Maude (Mrs Pratt), Mr. Clarke, Jane (Mrs J. Dunning), Henry.

In this home was the first store, first library, and first Omaha Show held.

It was the local office of Births, Deaths, and Marriages in Leigh, and Mr. Clarke was the first Registrar.

property of Agnes Matheson.

Stan and Robbie Torkington

(Nat) From Val's collection. v197.

Stan and Robbie Torkington. C1953.

Three children, Alma Smith?

(Nat) From Val's collection. v202.

Three children, Alma Smith? C1900? Brilliant photo.

Wedding group

(Nat) From Val's collection. v208.

Wedding group, unknown. C1910.

Kay, Les, Alan, Barry Torkington

(Nat) From Val's collection. v210.

Kay Torkington, Les Torkington, Alan Torkington, Barry Torkington, Goat Island Beach? Pink Beach? C1955.

Agnes Torkington

(Nat) From Val's collection. v219.

Agnes Torkington. C1925.

Agnes Torkington

(Nat) From Val's collection. v219.

Agnes Torkington. C1925. Copy of v219.