Torkington Bottom Well

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a31.

Torkington Bottom Well. C1953.

Torkington House, Ti Point, and William Torkington

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a55.

Ti Point, looking down from top of the hill to the bay, with Torkington house in the background and William sitting down with a dog.

Alvin Smith

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a56.

Alvin Smith, mid-1970s.

Rocky Beach

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a57.

Rocky beach, location unknown.

Bush and waterfall

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a58.

Native bush and waterfall. Location unknown.

Hills and water

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a59.

Location unknown. Pensinulas and water.

Big Boat

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a60.

Big boat. Details unknown.

Mansion House

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a61.

Mansion House at Kawau Island.

Ti Point looking to Takatu

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a62.

Taken from Ti Point road, just outside Alvin's section, looking across to Takatu.


(Nat) Alvin's collection. a63.

Crowd of people. King or Queen visiting? Returning soldiers?

Big Boat

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a64.

Big boat. Details unknown.

Big Boat

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a65.

Big boat. Details unknown.


(Nat) Alvin's collection. a66.

I want to say it's Ti Point, but I'm not sure. It looks like there's an island on the opposite shore, and I don't know what land that would be. By telephone/power poles, I'd say it's the 50s or 60s.

People and Elephant

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a67.

Edwardians discover the elephant.

Land and water

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a68.

Ti Point? It looks very bare to be Nellie's Point.

Ti Point?

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a69.

Looks like Ti Point looking into Whangateau Harbour, with a small tent in the foreground.

Quarry Road

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a70.

Is that the bottom of the hill up near Johnny's point, where the tip used to be?

A woman

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a71.

A woman, details unknown.

Ti Point, looking to Takatu

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a72.

Ti Point, looking out over the water to Takatu. A beautiful picture.

Tent under a Pohutukawa

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a73.

Tent under a Pohutukawa tree.

Airplane and a Ship

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a74.

Airplane and a ship. Details unknown.

Matheson Plaque

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a75.

Chair and plaque remembering the original settlers who arrived on the Matheson brigantine "Spray". C1959.


(Nat) Alvin's collection. a76.

Ship. Details unknown.

Boat and People

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a77.

Boat and people. Details unknown.

Inside a boat

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a78.

Inside a boat. Details unknown.


(Nat) Alvin's collection. a79.

Grim city. London?

Ti Point Harbour

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a80.

Clouds, boats in Ti Point Harbour.


(Nat) Alvin's collection. a81.

Boat, details unknown.

Rocky cliffs and water

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a82.

Tall rocky piles and the ocean crashing underneath them. Location unknown. Possibly Goat Island?

Island in Mathesons Bay

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a83.

Looking down into Mathesons Bay and the island in it. Definitely taken by Alvin's brother Ivan (you can tell by the framing).

Tent at Ti Point

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a84.

The tent Alvin lived out of while working on the bach at Ti Point.

Back of Westend Road

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a85.

Back of the house at 88 Westend Road.

"Spray" Names

(Nat) Alvin's collection. a86.

Closeup of the list of names from the "Spray" plaque at Mathesons Bay.


(Nat) Dee Torkington's collection. dt1.

The father of Dee's grandmother, and his bride. The father was a family shame, and he always kept (or was kept) out of sight when the grandchildren came to visit.

Colin and June McIntyre

(Nat) Dee Torkington's collection. dt3.

The wedding photo of Colin and June McIntyre, Dee's parents.

Ted Torkington

(Nat) Dee Torkington's collection. dt4.

Ted Torkington, age mid-20s.

Dorothy Torkington

(Nat) Dee Torkington's collection. dt5.

Dorothy Torkington, age mid-20s.

Mary-Ann Matheson nee Haskell

(Nat) Val's collection. v620.

Mary-Ann Matheson nee Haskell. C1910.

Eileen Matheson

(Nat) Val's collection. v642.

Eileen Matheson. C1920.