Nathan John Torkington

Father:	Barry Torkington (1950-)
Mother: Dee Torkington (1949-)

Born:	18 Jan 1973
	Auckland, New Zealand

Wife:	Jenine Erin Abarbanel (1967-)

Marr:	20 Feb 1996
	Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Email:	nathan AT
Oldest child in a family of two. Grew up while the family was poor, and moved out when the family was better off (thanks to Barry's live fish exporting). Graduated with a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Moved to the United States to marry Jenine Abarbanel. Wrote ``The Perl Cookbook'' in 1998. Lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.


Grandpa can remember dragging his feet, walking up what I remember as Voyce's paddock, going as slow to school as he could. His father (Joe) came up behind him. Grandpa pretended not to see him, which as he said ``was a mistake.'' He got clouted. As Grandma says, ``got clouted if you didn't go to school, and clouted if you did.''


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