Barry David Torkington

Father:	Ted Torkington (1917-)
Mother:	Dorothy Torkington (1919-)

Born:	6 Sep 1950
	Warkworth, New Zealand

Wife:	Denise Margaret McIntyre (1949-)

Marr:	21 Dec 1969
	Burleigh Heads, Australia

Email:	barry AT
Was a middle child in a family of five kids. Mischievous, he didn't respect the school system, and left in Form Five without School Certificate. Bummed his way around Australia, where he met Dee McIntyre. Married, had Nathan John (1973-), moved to New Zealand and became a fisherman. Had Bree (1981-). Moved from fisherman to being a director of the local Fisheries, and then into aquaculture.


The bay was full of fish and shellfish in those days, as was the whole Whangateau harbour. Dad can remember sprats teeming in the water. The boys'd stand on the oyster rocks and throw the curdled cream into the water, which would seethe white with sprats. Then they'd guide the sprat net around the mess and bring them in. What'd they do with all those sprats? Feed 'em to the pigs?, I guess.

Stakes in the bay were put in by Ernie and Ted [Alvin conjecture.] Out from them lies a deep channel, called ``the moorings'' in those days. All you had to do was to take a dinghy out to the moorings and throw a line over and catch three or four snapper in 15 minutes. When Dad was a kid, you would fish from the moorings.


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