Charles Edward Torkington

Father:	Joe Torkington (1876-1936)
Mother:	Minnie Clarke (1876-1951)

Born:	8 Jan 1917

Wife:	Clarice Dorothy Guthrie (1919-)

Marr:	25 Jun 1943
Was the youngest of Joe and Minnie's kids. Farmed, drove a truck, fished, and was a linesman for the county power board. Married Dorothy Guthrie (1919-) in 1943. Their children were Bryce Edward (``Bryce'', 1 Oct 1944-7 Nov 1944), Kay Ngaire (``Kay'', 1945-), Leslie Arthur (``Les'', 1947-), Alan Evan (``Zom'', 1949-), Barry David (``Barry'', 1950-), and Jeffrey Lewis (``Jeff'', 1958-). He lives with Dorothy on Ti Point.


Grandpa can remember dragging his feet, walking up what I remember as Voyce's paddock, going as slow to school as he could. His father (Joe) came up behind him. Grandpa pretended not to see him, which as he said ``was a mistake.'' He got clouted. As Grandma says, ``got clouted if you didn't go to school, and clouted if you did.''

Stakes in the bay were put in by Ernie and Ted [Alvin conjecture]. Out from them lies a deep channel, called ``the moorings'' in those days. All you had to do was to take a dinghy out to the moorings and throw a line over and catch three or four snapper in 15 minutes. When Barry was a kid, you would fish from the moorings.

Alvin is unsure how long went between Minnie's death and the sale of the house, Ernie might have been living there. Ernie and Pearl and Ted and Dorothy were both living there at the same time as Minnie. But in the end, Ted and Dorothy moved out in disgust. An impossible situation with kids and cats and chooks in a house built for three or four people. It may be that Ernie and Pearl stayed on for a month or two or twelve. [Ask Ted]


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