Torkington Photographs

These are old photographs of Torkingtons and Torkington relatives like the Mathesons, and of the land they lived on (Ti Point and Mathesons Bay). The photographs come from three main sources:
Alvin Smith
Alvin's family has a long history of photography. Alvin's father, Victor, took a lot of photographs of his family and the Torkington family, as well as of the Ti Point area. He taught photography to his sons, too. Most of the early Torkington, Ti Point, and Leigh shots are due to Victor. Alvin took a lot of shots of Mathesons and the area in and after the 1970s, while Alvin's brother Ivan took a lot of landscape pictures.

Agnes Matheson
Agnes's extensive photograph collection passed to Valerie Stern on Agnes's death. She had many pictures of Mathesons from 1900-1940.

Ted and Dorothy Torkington
Ted and Dorothy Torkington have some photographs of the Torkington family, as well as of Ti Point.
These photos are currently organized by scan date, rather than subject or the period in which they were taken. Sorry.


Mr and Mrs John Wyatt Senior ; Charles Clarke; William Torkington and three sons; Torkington son; Arthur, Kath, Nathan; William Torkington; William Torkington; Joe Torkington; Joe Torkington; Joe Torkington with shark; Group of swimmers in the bay; Party dressed up, in a boat; Annotation for party in boat; Party dressed up, in a boat ; A picnic group; Annotation for picnic group; A picnic group at Nellie's Point; Minnie Torkington; Jack Torkington; Minnie Torkington with Ted; William Torkington, with Ted; Ted and Syd Torkington; Ted and Syd Torkington; Ted Torkington


William Torkington with grandchildren ; Torkington son; Torkington house and Sandspit; Torkington house; Torkington house; Torkington house; Torkington house; Torkington house; Torkington house; Torkington house ; Torkington house; Torkington house; Torkington house; Torkington house; Ti Point wharf; Ti Point school; Yacht Mizpah with Ernie and Ted; Yacht Mizpah with Ernie and Ted ; Matheson House, Matheson Bay


Syd or Ted ; ??? ; Joe and Minnie's Wedding Cake ; Victor Smith? ; Victor Smith ; Kevin and Ivan Smith? ; Alvin Smith? Arthur Torkington? ; Nathan Torkington? ; Party in a boat ; ??? ; Hilda Batty ; Sisefa and Hilda Batty, and unknown ; Eileen Torkington ; William Torkington ; Alma Smith (nee Torkington) ; Shack


Alvin Smith? ; Alvin Smith? ; Alvin Smith? ; Launching a dinghy


Alvin Smith? with bear ; Alvin Smith? ; Alvin Smith? ; Alvin Smith? ; Alvin? and Alma Smith; Vernon? Smith on bike ; Smith child on chair ; Baby Smith on table ; Smith child with ball ; Smith child ; Baby Smith. ; Smith child in chair ; Smith infant in crib ; Smith child with ball ; Smith child ; Trudy Astwood ; Val and Joan ; Jessie, Sandy, Rosa, Roddie and Annie Matheson ; Alec and Euen Matheson ; Cyrus Matheson ; Eileen and Agnes Matheson ; Roddy and Eileen and Enid and a cousin of Enid's ; Agnes Torkington house at Ti Point ; Sandy and Jack Dunning ; Sandy Matheson ; Sandy Matheson ; Matheson Children ; Rosa Matheson


Cyrus, Annie, and Sandy? Matheson ; Cyrus Matheson, Will Haskell ; Mathesons Bay ; Charles Septimus Clarke's home, and various Clarkes ; Stan and Robbie Torkington ; Three children, Alma Smith? ; Wedding group ; Kay, Les, Alan, Barry Torkington ; Agnes Torkington ; Agnes Torkington


Iris, Alvin, Enid, Euen, Kevin, Val, Alec ; Maori Island and Pah Beach ; Warkworth, 1922 ; Torkingtons at Bay ; Kay Torkington? ; Rodney County Council chambers ; Pah House ; Goat Island ; Torkington house, Stan, Robbie, Kay? ; Kath Torkington and a Neeley ; Eddie Birdsall ; Jack Dunning ; Arthur X ; Ted Neeley ; Ted Wyatt ; Margaret Johansen ; Irwin (Irvin?) Gravatt ; Jack Torkington


Leigh Harbour and wharf ; Leigh Harbour and wharf ; Leigh Harbour and wharf ; Leigh Harbour and wharf ; Ti Point ; Ti Point bay ; Yacht ; The Bay and Ernie's? Boat ; Sunset ; Denise Torkington (nee McIntyre) ; Joe and Minnie Torkington ; Leigh Harbour ; Old Torkington Homestead ; Warkworth


Torkington Bottom Well ; Torkington House, Ti Point, and William Torkington ; Alvin Smith ; Rocky Beach ; Bush and waterfall ; Hills and water ; Big Boat ; Mansion House ; Ti Point looking to Takatu ; Crowd ; Big Boat ; Big Boat ; Landscape ; People and Elephant ; Land and water ; Ti Point? ; Quarry Road ; A woman ; Ti Point, looking to Takatu ; Tent under a Pohutukawa ; Airplane and a Ship ; Matheson Plaque ; Ship ; Boat and People ; Inside a boat ; London? ; Ti Point Harbour ; Boat ; Rocky cliffs and water ; Island in Mathesons Bay ; Tent at Ti Point ; Back of Westend Road ; "Spray" Names ; McIntyre ; Colin and June MacIntyre ; Ted Torkington ; Dorothy Torkington ; Mary-Ann Matheson nee Haskell ; Eileen Matheson
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