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[Bill and Ted] Welcome to the web pages of the Torkington family of New Zealand. We've got all sorts of information you probably don't want to know, and maybe some you do.

The man on the left is William (Bill) Torkington, the first Torkington in New Zealand. He arrived from Ashton Under Lyne (then a small town but now a suburb of Manchester, England) in 1886 with his three small children (Harold, Arthur, and Joe). Joe's son, Ted, is the young fellow on Bill's knee.

This web site is run by Nathan Torkington, Ted's grandson. My goal is to have information on the family history, the area of New Zealand we all hail from, and links to other Torkingtons online. Until then, check out Roy Torkington's web site for more Torkington goodness.

Table of Contents

Who's Who
A brief history of the Torkingtons.
Interviews with Dorothy and Ted Torkington, by Trudy Astwood.
Pictures of Ti Point, Torkingtons, and Mathesons.
Email addresses for online Torkingtons.
Family Crest
Also available in a smaller version.
The Name
An explanation of the meaning of the Torkington name.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop Nat (nathan AT torkington.com) a line.

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